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There are needs and opportunities to help all over the world

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Mobilizing Resources for
Socio-Economic Development

Mobilizing resources
Over the past two years there has been a substantial increase in the promises of funding for socio-economic development ... the promises are substantial, but the modality of funding is mainly government to government, and the effective use of these resources frequently compromised

The Tr-Ac-Net resource mobilization initiative links modest scale activities in needy communities with the incremental financial and technical resources needed to make some practical progress. Instead of large scale and often ineffective fund flows, the Tr-Ac-Net initiative aims to have high value from modest resources ... it is not only how large is the fund flow, but how effectively does the fund flow create socio-economic value.

ZAP bad things ... there are many
ZAP Malaria ... ZAP Poverty ... ZAP Hunger ... ZAP Unemployment ... ZAP Disease ... ZAP War and Violence ... What else should be ZAPPED in order to make the world a better place?

ZAP Malaria
IMAGE TO COME According to WHO and UNICEF, malaria kills 3,000 children a day in Africa. This is obscene since malaria can be controlled ... but instead of the situation improving it has become worse. There are many ways to help reduce the burden of malaria. The IMMC initiative is helping by providing practical advice at the grassroots level and financial support for local initiatives.
... Top ... Malaria details

ZAP Poverty
IMAGE TO COME Poverty is a crisis throughout the global "south". Countries with rich natural resources have a poor population. The "bottom of the pyramid" ... BOP ... is a population of some 5 billion people compared to a population of less than 1 billion who are middle class or wealthy. Poverty is a condition that leads
... Top ... Poverty details

ZAP Hunger
IMAGE TO COME Hunger and mal-nutrition are endemic in poor countries. Too many people are hungry, even when there is available food. They are too poor to buy food in the market, and not able to grow enough for their own needs. The reasons for poverty and hunger are many ... our help can make a difference.
... Top ... Hunger details

ZAP Unemployment
IMAGE TO COME In poor countries in the global "south", there are very few who have jobs in the formal sector. Most are engaged in the informal sector, where productivity is very low. Using unemployment as a measure suggests that perhaps 80% of more of adults of working age are unemployed ... in fact most are working ... but in a very unproductive informal sector. Helping to create jobs that can afford to pay reasonable wages is vital to socio-economic progress.
... Top ... Unemployment details

ZAP Disease
IMAGE TO COME Disease is everywhere in poor countries ... with may diseases easy to treat with modern medicines. Without an effective public health sector, poor countries suffer from many sorts of diseases. There are many social initiatives that are helping at low cost, and very effective.
... Top ... Disease details

ZAP War and Violence

Human remains
Liberia c.1989
War and violence are endemic ... and a major cause of failed economics. Fighting is NOT the way to stop wars and violence, but removing the root causes of the conclict. This has been talked about for years at workshops and conferences, but there has been a lot less action to address the root causes of conflict at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP)
... Top ... War and violence details

Microcredit and bottom of the pyramid (BOP) financial services
Microcredit and bottom of the pyramid (BOP) financial services are key to making the BOP a viable self-sustaining part of the global economy. Though the individual absolute amounts may be small, the percentages can be financially correct ... and in large numbers become a significant part of the global economy.
IMAGE TO COME Microcredit has been demonstrated to help in poor communities ... and to be sustainable because the poor are willing to pay interest and to repay their loans.
... Top ... Micro-loan details

IMAGE TO COME Mini-credit is a grass-roots level financial service that provides resources to fund activities that are larger than micro-credit, but smaller and more informal than what is usually handled by mainstream banks. A small village cooperative seeking to buy a used pick-up might be a candidate for a mini-loan.
... Top ... Mini-loan details

IMAGE TO COME Muni loans are similar to mini loans except the borrowing group is the community that is seeking to upgrade some aspect of its infrastructure. Loans to help a community improve its local roads might be a candidate for a muni-loan.
... Top ... Muni-loan details

SUPPORT good things ... there are many, but rarely funded adequately
Good water ... Barefoor professionals ... Village infrastructure ... Helping children ... Plant trees ... Build businesses ... What else should be SUPPORTED in order to make the world a better place?

Good water
IMAGE TO COME Efficient easy access to good water is vital to a healthy population and a health economy. Only a small proportion of the world's poor have access the good water. Helping to make easy access to good water universal is an important step to ending poverty and all the associated ills.
... Top ... Good water details

Barefoot professionals
IMAGE TO COME People are an important driver of productivity, and are the solution to problems. The idea of barefoot professionalism is to upgrade the knowledge and capabilities of people in communities so that they are able to do a more professional job ... within the context of the community as it is. Training can build capacity in the community where it is most useful.
... Top ... Barefoot professional details

Build something
IMAGE TO COME Almost every village has work that it would like to do ... that would make it more productive. But they usually lack the resources to build the infrastrucure that they most need.
... Top ... Village infrastructure details

Build Something
IMAGE TO COME Building is a key economic activity ... build something, but in ways that are suited to the economic and social conditions. Involve local professionals in the design as well as the construction. Make use of Open Design architectural information.
... Top ... Build Something details

Help children
IMAGE TO COME Children are, it is said, the future ... but sadly at the present time there are more orphans than at any time in history. Without help, orphans have little or no opportunity and they will either die or become lawless street urchins. With help ... anything is possible. The best value in social investment ... especially if coupled with initiatives that create a healthy socio-economic society as well.
... Top ... Help children details

Plant trees
IMAGE TO COME The degradation of the land is a global crisis ... and one small initiative that can help is the planting of trees.
... Top ... Plant tree details

IMAGE TO COME Being healthy and educated is a step in the right direction ... but it is better if there are also job opportunities. Building business creates work opportunities.
... Top ... Build-A-Business details

ADOPT something ... getting involved for more than five minutes
Adopt-A-Village ... Adopt-A-Telecenter ... Adopt-A-Church ... Adopt-A-Business ... Adopt-A-Health Center ... Adopt-An-NGO ... Adopt-An-Orphanage ... What else can be ADOPTED in order to make the world a better place?

IMAGE TO COME The most cost effective development is development that is self-financing. The Adopt-A-Village program helps to catalyze the total development of a village by helping where resources can be the most valuable. When a village works at making sustainable progress ... the progress can be sustainable.
... Top ... Adopt-A-Village details

IMAGE TO COME Telecentres are relatively new ... but open up new frontiers for poor and disenfranchised areas. They can be helpful in catalyzing progress, but rarely have the funding to do what needs to be done to thrive and become sustainable ... and a part of a dynamic area development. The Tr-Ac-Net program envisions using telecenters in the management of data needed for a successful fight against endemic disease.
... Top ... Adopt-A-Telecentre details

IMAGE TO COME Churches ... religious and spiritual life is central to many communities, especially poor communities and the church is a wonderful partner in socio-economic progress. Help to make progress by helping a church ... very much a win-win situation.
... Top ... Adopt-A-Church

IMAGE TO COME Business is the driver of economic progress ... but rarely a part of the official relief and development assistance support modality. Business that is profitable is also sustainable ... it is in a position to grow ... to employ people and to be a driver of durable area development.
... Top ... Adopt-A-Business details

Adopt-A-Health Center
IMAGE TO COME Health centers ... health clinics ... are a critical component in fighting disease and reducing its burden. Health clinics are seriously underfunded by government, and most donors approach health center needs from a project perspective ... the need for help is ongoing until the burden of disease is reduced and/or the area becomes more economically wealthy.
... Top ... Adopt-A-Health Center details

IMAGE TO COME Local NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) do an amazing amount of good ... often with little or no external funding or support. What these organizations could do if they were helped just a little bit would be incredible. Unpaid and local volunteer effort is substantial ... and could be much more if the material resources were accessible to do more.
... Top ... Adopt-An-NGO details

IMAGE TO COME Western style orphanages have been established in many places where the orphan crisis is huge ... and they serve a critical need ... but keeping these operating is expensive and they need all the help they can get. Saving children should not be a massive need ... but sadly there are thousands ... no millions ... of children in need of help.
... Top ... Adopt-An-Orphanage details
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Ways to Help
There are many ways that resources can be helpful in getting rid of the burden of bad things.
ZAP bad things
Bad things should be addressed ... everything that it takes.

ZAP Malaria ...Go
ZAP Poverty ...Go
ZAP Hunger ...Go
ZAP Unemployment ...Go
ZAP Disease ...Go
ZAP Ignorance ...Go
ZAP Corruption ...Go
Help is needed for Microcredit and other financial services for small activities and small communities.

Microloans ...Go
Miniloans ...Go
Muniloans ...Go
Creating value
Many good activities need support. These things can progress rapidly when many small initiatives are helped along.

Good Water ...Go
Barefoot Professionals ...Go
Village Infrastructure ...Go
Build Something ...Go
Help Children ...Go
Plant Trees ...Go
Build-A-Business ...Go
There are all sorts of initiatives and organizations that need friends and need money and support. These organizations can have major benefit in their local communities.

Adopt-A-Village ...Go
Adopt-A-Telecenter ...Go
Adopt-A-Church ...Go
Adopt-A-School ...Go
Adopt-A-Business ...Go
Adopt-A-Health Center ...Go
Adopt-An-NGO ...Go
Adopt-An-Orphanage ...Go

More worthwhile initiatives.
If you have data about additional worthwhile initiatives please send to Tr-Ac-Net at THANK YOU.

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